Enjoy Live Music in Houston Heights

Enjoy Live Music in Houston Heights

Looking for somewhere to enjoy live music? Then try Fitzgerald's in Houston Heights!

Often known as “Fitz,” this venue began as a community dance hall almost 100 years ago. It has recently been remodeled ...

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Enjoy A Cup Of Coffee In Houston

Did you know that Houston was designated as a green coffee exchange port more than ten years ago?

It's one of four such destinations in the United States, and it enables un-roasted beans to be stored and distributed in the city.

If you would...

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Visit Better Luck Tomorrow

In Houston Heights, there's a new bar called Better Luck Tomorrow. It's at the corner of Yale Street and West 6th, where the Dry Creek Cafe used to be. Better Luck Tomorrow opened in May and has been getting good reviews.

This bar is the late...

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Visit A Pub Near Alexan Yale Street

Pubs are known for their lively environment, delicious food, and refreshing beer.

If you're looking to enjoy a fun evening with friends, stop by one of the following pubs near Alexan Yale Street where you are sure to have a good time:

The Bl...

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Enjoy Indoor Flying Near Alexan Yale Street

If you dream about flying every now and then, you're definitely not alone. It could be a desire to feel the freedom that birds feel or simply the urge to do something we just can't do. Some want that feeling so bad that they are willing to go sky ...

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Ride A Bike Around Houston Heights

May is National Bike Month and Houston Heights is a great place to bike! You'll love being able to get off-road and enjoy the Heights Hike-and-Bike Trail. In 2016, the Houston Press called it the best bike trail in the city.

The Heights Trail i...

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Visit The Red Dessert Dive

Red Dessert Dive in Houston Heights is a bakery and coffeehouse that also serves up rock and roll, beer, and wine. It's the perfect place for a continental breakfast, a light lunch, or dessert anytime. You'll love the small-batch Southern goodne...

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Enjoy The Sip & Stroll Event In Houston

Want to get to know the 19th Street Shopping District? Then head on over any Third Thursday of the month to enjoy Sip & Stroll, an evening of hospitality organized by the 19th Street merchants. In good weather, this event draws about 1,000 people....

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Spend A Night Out At Laurenzo's

It's always fun to venture out and discover a new restaurant. One of the most enticing new places to dine in the Houston area is Laurenzo's Bar & Grill. They opened early in 2017 and are quickly becoming a favorite among the locals.


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Experience The Night Life In Houston

The subculture in the Heights is like a small town within Houston. With its artsy, vintage and eclectic vibe, it's no wonder why the location is appealing and holds its place as one of the top neighborhoods in Houston. And with an ever-growing lis...

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